In Praise of Jumplists

What does the word jumplist signify? To a programmer, it's a data structure. To those who remember the early days of the Web, it's the name given to a categorized collection of links — which constituted the majority of pages in the beginning. The term "jump" continues to be used for describing hyperlinks. And of course more recently, users know it as one of the more popular interface elements of Windows 7 and 8.

In my own case, I think of it primarily as the name of a database-driven web service that i/us Corp., the Canadian company I co-founded, launched in 1998 at COMDEX. It was conceived as a way to make it easy for website owners to add and maintain their own categorized collection of links, with a look and feel that matched their sites.

Seventeen years later, I am now selling the domain, as well as, and the jumplist logo. If you see this package as a possibility for a website or service catering specifically to Windows users, the internet or mobile users, more information is available here.